Timur’s Legacy - The Architecture of Samarkand

'Let he who doubt Our Power and Our Munificence look upon Our Buildings'.

Amir Timur, 1379 CE

Timur, better known in the West as Tamerlane from his nickname Timur-i-leng or 'Timur the Lame', was the last of the great nomadic warriors to sweep out of Central Asia and shake the world. As befits a man styled 'World Conqueror', we know a lot about him - and not all of it good. In 1336, at Shakhrisabz in present-day Uzbekistan, the wife of a minor chief of the Mongol Barlas clan gave birth to a son with blood-filled palms, a sure omen that the infant was predestined to cause the death of thousands. He was given an appropriate name - Timur or demir means 'iron' in Turkish - and raised in the Turkic-Islamic tradition of the surrounding steppe as a rider, archer and swordsman...

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